2017 Reading Challenge

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First thing’s first, here’s a confession: even though I’m a librarian, I don’t read nearly enough.  I have coworkers who read 60-100 books per year, and it seems so easy for them.  Sure, some of the books they finish are audiobooks, others are light reads, but that doesn’t change the fact that their volume is insane compared to mine.

Me? My annual reading goal is twelve books.  Yep, twelve. One per month.  That has been my goal since I finished college, and I’ve surpassed it every year by a few books.  The problem is that even though I love to read, making time to do so can be really difficult when you work full time, have clubs and organizations you’re involved with, and live with your best friend/love of your life with whom you want to spend all of your free time (totally not a bad thing – just not always conducive to reading!).

Last year, to switch things up, I committed to participating in the Modern Mrs. Darcy 2016 Reading Challenge.  The topical reading challenge was geared toward getting readers out of their comfort zones and encouraging them to read broadly.  And you know what? In addition to finishing the Reading Challenge in October, I read twenty-two books last year.  Almost double my annual reading goal.

So, for 2017, I am challenging myself to complete the Modern Mrs. Darcy 2017 Reading Challenge – both of them.  That’s right, I’m upping the ante and taking on both of the Reading Challenges that Anne Bogel has posted for 2017.  One is more comfy-cozy, and the other is more of a stretch:

Image via Modern Mrs. Darcy


What I really like about these two (!) lists is that they’re completely different.  List one, “Put the oomph back in your reading life,” is really geared toward reinvigorating tired readers. In contrast, list two, “Stretch yourself in 2017” is definitely that – a stretch out of your comfort zone.  My hope is that I can tackle list two intentionally and fill in list one with the unplanned reads that come about during the year.

In addition to tackling at least twenty-six (see list 2 – one of the categories includes three books!) books this year, I am committed to getting caught up with book reviews.  I’ll be catching up on my 2016 reads for a while, but as I finish them, I’m planning to review my 2017 reads in real time, the goal being to blog about new books when they’re still relevant, haha.

Hopefully, more than a few of you will take on one of these challenges with me. I’m excited for the mental stretch, and am delighted at the prospect of continuing to increase how many books I read during the year. Wish me luck – and good luck to you!



One thought on “2017 Reading Challenge

  1. […] Three | Right now, I am reading Year of Yes by Shonda Rhimes and it is such a treat to open every day.  It is gratifying and sassy and honest and I am finding it beyond relatable.  I’m eager to finish it so I can share my review with you all! (And cross off a category for my 2017 Reading Challenge) […]

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