Celebrity’s Alaskan Inner Passage Cruise


At the end of the summer in 2015, my mom and I met for our weekly lunch date.  We’re very close, and we try to get together as often as we can – which was definitely easy when I worked five minutes away from her.  Over our Subway sandwiches, she asked me, “How would you like to go on a cruise next summer? To Alaska?”

Obviously, I said yes.  Who doesn’t want to go to Alaska? And I hadn’t been on a cruise since the age of five – neither of us had – so it seemed like a great idea!

So began the planning of our Alaskan Cruise.  We booked Celebrity’s 7-Night Alaska Tracy Arm Fjord Cruise departing from Seattle on June 10th aboard the Celebrity Solstice.  And you know what, guys? It was a blast. Cruising is completely different than the type of travel I usually do with L, but I enjoyed it so much.  It was great to spend a whole week with my mom, which I haven’t had the opportunity to do since before I graduated from college, but it was also great to get to see part of the country that is so different from anywhere else I’ve been.

Over the next few weeks, I’ll share my thoughts about each of our excursions, as well as the cruise ship and our overall experience.  For now, I’ll just do a mini-photo dump of pictures of our ship…enjoy!

Our Aqua Class room on Deck 11
Making use of our balcony – champagne, sidecars, and canapes. Yum!
The outdoor pool and hot tub areas on Deck 12. Lots of lounge chairs, many by the covered windows, which were perfect for the cool, breezy days.
The Atrium in the middle of the ship, with a view of the library!
Our ship’s casino – I spent absolutely zero time in here, but it was neat nonetheless.
The Solstice Theater, where we saw talks and shows the whole week!

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