The Friday Five

Happy Friday!  It’s been quiet around here for a bit because life has been crazy.  L and I went on a trip at the end of January and after we got back, I was sick for about a week.  It’s amazing how easy it is to get out of the habit of blogging when you’ve got so many other things to deal with…but I’m back today!  Woohoo!

One | What did you do for Valentine’s Day?  Last Friday, L and I shared fondue and watched the first two episodes of the second season of The Expanse.  Best. Valentine’s Date.  On actual Valentine’s Day, I spent the day hanging out with my mom, then went home and made a simple but delicious dinner.  Any excuse to spend some quality time with the people I love!


Two | I picked up a tube of Nyx Big & Loud Lash Primer a few weeks ago, and finally tried it this week.  You know what? It’s fantastic!  It actually makes a difference in how long and defined my eyelashes look, yes, but more importantly, my mascara stays on all day.  The reviews are mixed – it seems like people love it or hate it. Nyx is my favorite all-around makeup brand because it stays on my face, is affordable, and isn’t tested on animals.


Three| We have a new recipe in circulation at our house!  Last week, we tried Gimme Some Oven’s Hot and Sour Soup recipe, and it’s great.  I’ve made it twice so far, and we both really enjoy it.  Definitely an easy recipe to keep in the rotation.

Pintucked Tie-Belt Plus-Size Swing Dress - Black Floral

Four | As much as I enjoy winter, I’m ready for spring. More specifically, spring clothes.  I’m looking at you, dresses and capri pants. How cute is this pintucked dress from Old Navy?  It can be dressed up or down, and it’s actually an appropriate length!

Five | I finished reading Echo last week (finally), and it was absolutely delightful. I totally understand why it won the Newbery Award.  My favorite quote: “Your fate is not yet sealed. Even in the darkest night, a star will shine, a bell will chime, a path will be revealed.”



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