The Friday Five


Happy first Friday of 2017!  We made it through the week! And yes, I might be posting a bit late in the day, but at least I’m posting, right?

This week seemed extra long (especially since the library was open on Monday, so I was at work), so maybe this weekend will seem extra long, too? 🙂  I’m looking forward to getting lots of things around the house finished and relaxing before things start gearing up again.



One | Guys, I have finally purchased a Fitbit!  I’ve considered getting one in the past, but as I’m trying to incorporate more activity in my daily routine, it seemed like the perfect time to get one.  I purchased the Fitbit Alta and received it today…looking forward to my first full day tomorrow!


Two | Late last week, I made my favorite stuffed pepper soup.  I adapted Skinny Mom’s recipe by using one cup of textured vegetable protein and half a pound of soyrizo instead of the meat.  It turned out so well! It’s a nice alternative to chili, but it’s still hearty and satisfying.


Three | Right now, I am reading Year of Yes by Shonda Rhimes and it is such a treat to open every day.  It is gratifying and sassy and honest and I am finding it beyond relatable.  I’m eager to finish it so I can share my review with you all! (And cross off a category for my 2017 Reading Challenge)


Four | Is it too early to think about warm weather? I’m over here looking at swimsuit coverups dreaming about beaches and sand.  Don’t get me wrong, I love winter, but….beaches and sand, guys.   And surely if I buy a swimsuit coverup, I’ll be transported to a lovely tropical beach. Right?


Five | This is probably completely underwhelming for most people, but for me, it’s exciting: for Christmas, I received new spatulas.  Spatulas are the workhorse utensil in our kitchen, and mine were falling apart, so I was thrilled to receive two large StarPack spatulas!  They’ve got a stainless steel core and are made of a single piece of BPA-free silicone.  If you’re in the market for a multi-use kitchen utensil, I highly recommend these.

Five on Friday
Oh Hey, Friday!”



One thought on “The Friday Five

  1. Swimsuit coverups already, yikes…it’s still pretty cold in RI but I will join along and dream of warmer days with you!! Also, I make a soup just like that and it is delicious, could totally go for that right now!

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